Ecuador Codes

Ecuador Codes

Ecuador Codes

Codes of Ecuador

+593 EC - Country Code for Mobile Phones and Whatsapp
Ecuador Codes (+593) EC / ECU - Country Code for Mobile Phones, Telephone Calls, Whatsapp Messages and SMS. List of International Dial Code by City. Mobile Phone Companies.
(+593) Ecuador Country Code. International Dial Code. Search by city. Find phone, address, and contacts
.EC is the country code for internet and national web sites
Cell Phones in Ecuador

Phone Numbers in Ecuador

How to dial to Ecuador? Country Code: +593
International Call Prefix: 00

Area and City Codes

Mobile: 8, 9
Azuay: 7
Bolívar: 3
Cañar: 7
Carchi: 6
Chimborazo: 3
Cotopaxi: 3
El Oro: 7
Esmeraldas: 6
Galápagos: 5
Guayas: 4
Imbabura: 6
Loja: 7
Los Ríos: 5
Manabi: 5
Morona Santiago: 7
Napo: 6
Orellana: 6
Pastaza: 7
Pichincha: 2
Santa Elena: 4
Santo Domingo: 2
Sucumbios: 6
Tungurahua: 3
Zamora Chinchipe: 7

Special Numbers

Ambulance-Service: 911
Fire-Dept: 102
Emergency: 101
Toll-free prefix: 1-800
International access-code: 00


To call a local number from a landline-phone, dial directly the 7 digits of the subscriber (xxx-xxxx).
To make a national long-distance call, or from any mobile phone to a local or national number, dial (0a) xxx-xxxx (For example, to a number in Pichincha province, (02) 211-1111).
To call from outside the country, dial +593-a-xxx-xxxx (For example, to a number in Guayas province, +593-4-211-1111, or to a mobile phone, +593-9-811-1111)
Telephone numbers in Ecuador - General Information and References
Country Code: 593
International Call Prefix: 00 -

The Numbering Plan as defined by the national regulator can be found in CONATEL Fundamental Numbering Plan.

Arcotel Regulacion de Telecomunicaciones Secretaria Nacional de telecomunicaciones - Direccion: Av. Diego de Almagro entre Whymper y Alpallana Quito - Ecuador - Teléfono: 593-2 947 800
Ecuador Code 593 - Dial Codes, Whatsapp and SMS Messages
Code Ecuador Phones  - - List of Country and City Codes. Find phone numbers by company.
Internet EC Code for the Country ec
International 593 Code list by country and city. How to dial in Ecuador
Phone 593 Find phone numbers and mobile companies
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